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January 2015 and March 2015
(Updated: March 24, 2015)
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I would like to start this review by saying that I nearly skipped this place due to some of the reviews on this website, but boy I am glad I didn't. As a military campground this place is in a prime location, being one hour away from both SLO and Santa Barbara, the area couldn't be nicer. It is a quiet central coast campground that isn't too far away from the BX or commissary. After reading some of these reviews I would to set the record straight on the staff. The office staff is wonderful, the young man behind the desk (Braxton I think his name is) answered all my questions and if he didn't know the answer to something, he diligently searched for it. His level of customer service was outstanding, I have never felt more welcome. I never had a run in with the grounds keeper, but the bathrooms seemed to be cleaned and stocked regularly so he must be doing his job. The camp host Hugh and Lisa were the exact opposite, they seemed very unapproachable. One thing I would like to note, the camp hosts seemed to be missing a lot of the times during the night and when they were there, both of them were always drinking some form of alcohol to the point of what seemed like drunkeness, not very professional. I also had a run in with some of the gossipers in the campground, where I was bombarded with horror stories about the operating instructions and homesteaders, after looking around I could not differentiate between a home steader and a camper. The sites were nothing special, I stayed in a pull thru which had plenty of space. I think a great improvement would be to put in additional pull thru spaces and possibly fix the bathrooms. The price was not exceedingly high, I felt like I was being fairly charged for the amenities on site. As a final comment, I was given very clear instructions by one of the campers there to go to this website and "write a bad review to help change to park", I don't know why someone who stays here would want me to do this, but instead I decided I would review this place truthfully so that people don't miss out on a great campground.
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