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California 107832
Left 11 Nov 07
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We have stayed here before, and was an OK park. This time they had added WiFi, however it doesn't work. You can connect to the network, but there is no Internet connection. As for DSL in the new lounge, every URL gives a "FORBIDDEN", so that network is locked down too. Fairly poor coverage with ATT Aircard. When we arrived the office was open, we stopped, got out and a truck pulled up with some guy trying to tell out the window to us "Just pull in to where ever you want" and drove off. Seemed kinda strange, then the next day found out he is the Night Host. Would have been nice if he would have maybe gotten out and explained that to us. Then the day we were leaving my wife had used the shower in the new facility and the curtain was covered with mold. She told the Male Camp Host so they could take care of it. A few minutes later the Camp Host Wife, knocks on our rig, had a camera (prepared to take photos I guess) and said there was "Nothing wrong with the shower curtain". My wife told here it was filthy and needed to be cleaned, the host told her "You are just RUDE!". Well my wife went to the shower with her to show her, and just as she said the INSIDE of the curtain was 'Health Dept Bad'. The response from the host was "Well, I don't look on the INSIDE". Where else WOULD you look? No apologies, she just left saying it wasn't their job to clean that as there is a cleaning crew, and of course she DIDN'T USE HER CAMERA. We were Camp Hosts at another FamCamp and you ALWAYS CHECK THE BATHROOMS to make sure they are clean for the guests. If you are 'above' cleaning, at least make sure the 'crew' gets it done.
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