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California 106772
Feb 2008
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The back-in are not as horrid as some have suggested. Yes, they are a little narrow, especially if you have slides on both sides, but there is a LOT of maneuvering room. The back-ins are all on asphalt, which is a nice change from having gravel. Even the overflow lot is paved. The pull-thrus are all easy to get into and have a lot of room between campers. The wifi was up and running when we visited, but they made some mistakes on design. I believe all back-ins will have a good wifi signal (untested, tho), but the signal pretty much disappears about 3/4 of the way up the pull-thru line, that is, sites 1-10 should be good, 11-14 pretty weak, beyond that you can most likely forget it (all this is just a guess, tho). If you have a permanently mounted sat ant, you might want to consider a back-in since the orientation of the pull-thrus and the location of pine trees will likely interfer with the signal. Check you site before setting up. Otherwise, we liked it here. Very nice place and the base is neat, tidy, clean, and with a lot of nice people. If visiting around 26Feb08, you may have trouble finding a spot, since they are having an Atlas 5 launch on/around that date. The launch is supposed to be late at night, but the exact date/time will not be released until later.
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