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California 107832
Oct 26, 2011
(Updated: November 11, 2011)
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Why does Vandenburg AFB discriminate against Rvers. When we arrived at the main gate a rent-a-cop flagged us over to the side and told us we had to go in the Lompac gate and be inspected. The way he acted it was an imposition for him to leave his shack and come tell me. When we got to the gate, we were told to get out of the motorhome, open all the bays and wait in the room. What choice did I have but to go in the little room with only one window. We were not able to see what they were doing. We had a lot of valuable personal (jewelry, Ipod, computers GPS) property in the motor home. One problem I have with the inspection is that they don't trust me, but I have to trust them with my property without me knowing what's going on. What were they looking for? They didn't take enough time look in every toter, drawer, under the bed, under the seats or even in the car. What is the purpose of sending RVers through this. I can accept random searches, but all RV's. I'm putting this on my "do not return to" list.
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