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California 106773
July 11, 12, & 13, 2012
(Updated: July 23, 2012)
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"Next time do not pull forward in the inspection area until told to do so by a guard." were the first words out of the second guard's mouth. I informed him that the young lady in the guard shack told me to do just what I had done and he should take it up with her if he had a problem. Without checking insurance or registration, I surrendered my ID and we were ordered out of the vehicle, to open all compartments, and to go over to the holding cell and wait to be called out. The holding cell is to prevent you from observing the inspection, but you can observe if you are in line waiting to proceed to the inspection area. I had to open my tow vehicle's hood, but the next day when I arrived at the same gate, without my trailer in the same tow vehicle, I was waved through after showing my ID. I like security, but this was absurd. The pull thrus are nice, the rest is like a mall parking lot, although with hookups. We ate at the base Dining Hall which was very nice. For Breakfast and Lunch, you can only go in the last hour of serving time so the troops can get fed first, but Supper and weekends are open all hours for us. Saw lots of Deer and a Coyote. Steve was helpful and nice and I don't think he is from Texas. Forget emailing for reservations - they don't get to Shelly. Phone calls are not answered regularly and there is no answering machine. Per Shelly, "Just show up and we'll find you a place."
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