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California 106772
June 29-30, 2014
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Arrived here at VAFB yesterday and was greeted by Ken and Mary, who were very friendly and able to put me in a pull-through spot, which I must have for lots of reasons. The pull-throughs are unfortunately not level, covered by trees, only 50 amp, and the smaller part of this Famcamp with plenty of folks who look like they've been here far longer than 2 weeks. I took a look at the back-in spots and can only describe them as sad--even ghetto-ish!. Yuck! What on earth are they thinking here? It looks more like an RV storage lot than a Famcamp. I hope the MWR manager and VAFB cc pay attention. If they want the Famcamp revenue (which can be considerable!) and invest in improvements, plenty of retirees would make this a destination, but *not in this condition*. Two condemned buildings sit just next to the sites, and one of them is padlocked with all of the former break-room furniture still in place. I wonder how long it will sit there? If you have slide-outs, are unpracticed in backing in to a spot, or don't want to live on top of other people, don't come here. If you specifically reserve a pull-through spot in advance, you'll have a good experience, though (just remember you'll have to level your rig because of the tree roots that have broken up the concrete pads). As others have said, it's quiet as a mouse here...and there are plenty of rodents--squirrels abound. My dachshund and I watched a coyote watching us back at 0630 this morning. It's also generally colder by ~10 degrees than Camp San Luis Obispo, which is just an hour north. Like others who've written reviews, I also had my rig inspected at the Lompoc Gate (having read this website to learn about entry points), but I did not find it unfriendly or alienating. Personally, I wish there'd be tighter security on all of our bases. Perhaps if they secured and maintained them better, we wouldn't find this place such a mess. I know from unfortunate encounters that there are unsavory individuals (and their spouses) who bounce between military campgrounds and cause trouble...but are allowed back.
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